Nighttime Lovers Volume 6

Titel: Nighttime Lovers
Volume: 6.
Label: PTG Records
Product #: PTG34036
Barcode: 8717438196374
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  • Info:
    Nighttime Lovers Volume 6

    Nighttime Lovers has built it's popularity with many disco funk lovers all over the world. Again PTG Records has compiled in cooperation with the DJ's of Behind the Grooves an unique combination of 80's disco funk classics. E.g. "Tavares" with the underrated "Loveline" and great full length versions of "Curtis Hairston", Komiko (from the classic label SAM Records), "Cutty", and beautiful vocal-classic 12 inches of "Naimi", "Felicia Collins" and "Alfie Silas". Enjoy the summer soulful disco funk experience of Nighttime Lovers 6! Enjoy the disco funk experience in the Nighttime Lovers Ice-bar!

    Nighttime Lovers Volume 6

    01. Tavares - Loveline (6:22) (Frankie Rodriquez' Nighttime Lovers Extended)
    02. Gloria D. Brown - The more they knock (The more I love you) (5:38)
    03. Curtis Hairston - I want your lovin' (Just a little bit) (5:28)
    04. Cutty - Naughty Times (6:22)
    05. Komiko - Feel Alright (6:03)
    06. Naima - You never had a love like mine (6:47)
    07. Royalle Delite - (I'll be) a freak for you (5:05)
    08. Real II Reel - Love me like this (6:33)
    09. Lukk feat. Felicia Collins - On the one (5:26)
    10. Alfie Silas - You put the L in love (4:48)
    11. American Gypsy - The Champ(6:42)
    12. Joy - I need your love (6:00)
    13. The Latest - Starting over (4:32)

    Nighttime Lovers Volume 6

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